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"Thank you for getting those to me so quickly! They are adorable and I am certain that was the easiest Christmas shopping I will do all season-y'all are faster than Amazon Prime!! ;)" Leslie B- Richmond, VA

"Dip-a-di-do-da's are the quickest and cutest way to simplify entertaining. And, it is one of those clever ideas I wish I had thought of first!" - Amy from Richmond, VA

"...Brilliant..." - Maureen, Financial Advisor

"Love my set! It’s so awesome and makes clean-up so easy.” - Cathy from Raleigh, NC

"Dip-a-di-do-da has been my go-to gift for everyone on my list! They are perfect for teachers, caregivers, friends and even that notoriously difficult to buy for relative." -Sydney from Richmond, VA

"It's just the cutest thing-what a great idea and so fun for casual entertaining everywhere!" -Martha from Richmond, VA

The Dip-a-di-do-da is an easy way to make a casual gathering of friends or family just a little bit fancier..." - John from Houston, TX

"No labels on the tables!" - Lauren, Stay-Home-Mom

"Instant table glamour with simple store bought dip. Hooked!" - Natalie from San Francisco, CA

"Love my Dip-a-di-do-da! Went to a dinner party,and I was in charge of appetizers. Used my Dip-a-di-do-da's and then left them as a hostess gift. They loved them too!!!" -Hannah from Norfolk, VA

"I love giving Dip a di do das as gifts for all occasions. Bringing one with a tub of olives as a hostess gift to a party is my signature move!" -Sarah from Richmond, VA

“Dip a di do das are the best accessory to have in your kitchen. They look amazing when displaying food for any event and I love the fact that they’re such an easy clean up!” -Nikki from Richmond, VA

"Dip a di do da is PERFECT for entertaining...whether at home or on the road.  The convenience of not having to use/wash a separate bowl, along with the attractive designs, make it a regular go-to serving piece.  Gift recipients also go nuts over them, and end up buying some for their friends. I already have birthday and Christmas gifts checked off the list!" - Anne from Richmond, VA

"I'd love to feature Dip-a-di-do-das in our Summer Fun Guide. This is such a brilliant solution to ugly dip bowls...and makes those of us who don't always bring made from scratch stuff to parties look better!" - Lisa from Fort Wayne, IN

"Dipadidodas (spelling) are the niftiest entertaining doo-dahs I've ever seen. It makes setting a buffet quick, easy, and pretty! They are perfectly designed to fit the wide variety of pre-made dips, nuts, chips, etc. They also make clean up a snap!  I want one in every color!" -Susan from High Point, NC