Addison Clark Spotlight: Dip a di do da

Addison Clark Spotlight: Dip a di do da

February 24, 2016

Client Spotlight: Dip a di do da

This week we’re spotlighting our client Dip a di do da. Myrf Bowry and Leah Dodge, the ladies behind this creative invention, completely embody the entrepreneurial spirit. They saw a problem and, together, they created the solution.

It all started one evening when Myrf had some unexpected guests drop in. Not having time to whip up appetizers from scratch, she pulled some store-bought hummus out of the refrigerator and spooned it into a bowl so she wouldn’t have to place the ugly store-bought container on the table.  That’s when she started wondering if she and Leah could come up with a classy solution to help in moments like that.

Enter Dip a di do da.

The design-oriented duo collaborated to come up with a dip dish that’s the perfect size to hold store-bought dip containers and cleverly conceal the labels. To prevent waste, each dip dish comes with a hole in the bottom so you can easily remove the container without having to flip it over.

Besides Dip a di do da, Myrf and Leah also own and operate the interior design firm Decorum, located on Patterson Avenue in Richmond. Their backgrounds in design play a prominent role in the many colors and patterns their Dip a di do da dishes come in.

Starting out, Myrf and Leah sold their Dip a di do da dishes from their design store and relied solely on word of mouth marketing. Today, we are pleased to be providing these talented ladies with a suite of marketing services in order to bring Dip a di do da to everyone.

You can purchase your own Dip a di do da container from their newly launched website or from any of these locations in the Richmond area:

  • Andres Day Spa & Unique Gifts
  • Tweed
  • Twig
  • She Chester
  • Sassy Bee
  • Yellow Umbrella Provisions
  • Cottage Lane
  • Southern Season Richmond
  • Ellwood Thompson’s Local Market

Also, be sure to follow Dip a di do da on Facebook and Instagram so you can stay up to date on the latest designs and specials!